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by Anderson Evans

Avenger's Endgame is just finishing the week proceeding opening weekend where it broke the record for biggest box office opening weekend of all time with an estimated 350 million in ticket sales domestically ( One of the most famous Avengers appearing in this film is The Incredible Hulk, a character with a very interesting history, and sort of the microcosmic originator of the multimodal franchise entity.

For as much as Spider-Man has been milking an entire multiverse of selves as of late, it was The Hulk that should be seen as the first character that had an entire mythology built around different modalities, or, incarnations.

While The Hulk's first issue dropped in 1962, and his personality changed based on changes of writer, artist, and themeā€¦ by the 1970s, and moreso in the 80s, such changes were met with postmodern revision bringing us the multilayered Hulk we know today. Let's take a look back at some of Hulk's most personality disrupting episodes.